Soffione Premio

three-ply virgin pulp toilet paper


Premium three-ply toilet paper Soffione Premio is produced from 100% virgin pulp. Delicate pattern and three plies confer paper extraordinary softness and strength. Quality and safety are approved by European certificate center ISEGA.
Soffione - best from nature for You and Your comfort!


3ply char   natural premio

Three-ply toilet paper Soffione Premio Natural - 100% natural, white, without coloring and flavoring agents. Sheets have convenient size, and big packs, 8 and 16 rolls, allow save considerably.


 3ply char


Three-ply toilet paper Soffione Premio Toscana Lavender of white color with light violet embossing. Delicate pattern and lavender aroma underline softness and naturalness of Soffione's products.

 3ply char   lemongrass
     Three-ply toilet paper Soffione Premio Fresh Lemongrass of white color with light green embossing. Delicate pattern and lemongrass aroma give You feeling of comfort and freshness.