Paper towels from virgin pulp


Paper towels now are an essential assistant at home and in business . This product becomes more and more popular as it helps make work faster and better, and, even, make a meal healthier (absorb excess fat\liquid). Safety is guaranteed by 100% virgin pulp and approved by Europian certificate ISEGA.


Soffione MAXI

maxi char  Soffione maxi front      «Jumbo»-roll size is one of the latest sales trends. As it is convenient and value-of-money. Soffione Maxi substitutes standard 3 rolls, has perfect parameters and "full" 150 sheets.



  Soffione Menu
menu char  Soffione menu front   Soffione Menu has additional perforation which allows choosing half sheet size depending on needs.



Soffione Super Absorb
assist char soffione clean asist 02   Towels Soffione Clean Assist with blue embossing are made from special paper, more robust and absorb more liquid.
Soffione Clean Assist - ready for any jobs!