Quality Control and Safety

Radiological control of raw materials and finished goods is done directly by the certified laboratory at Kiev C&PM. Quality control of produced goods is carried out at all production stages, starting from raw materials inspection, including control of process parameters at all stages and control of finished products at the end. Plant’s laboratory is certified on making tests according to specified requirements and national standards where control parameters are specified. The laboratory is equipped with modern testing equipment allowing making highly precise measurements. Continuous monitoring of tissue goods – toilet paper, tissue towels, and napkins makes directly on production lines, control testing is done in the laboratory.


Control of harmful impurities

Authorities of Ministry of Health of Ukraine regularly monitor the minimum permissible content of harmful impurities – heavy metals and formaldehyde in the paper produced at Kiev CPM. These authorities issue Safety and Health certificate for tissue and tissue goods production. Moreover, international certification authorities periodically audit quality management system and environmental management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Conformance to national and Europian standards

The main material for productions toilet paper rolls, towels and napkins is a sanitary and hygienic tissue paper. Kiev Cardboard and paper Mil» produces sanitary and hygienic tissue from natural pulp (national standard TU U 17.1-05509659-033:2013), and from waste paper (DSTU 4266:2003). Tissue paper meets safety requirements for human health in accordance with sanitary rules and regulations (SanR&R 4.4.3-134-2006). The main factor ensuring microbiological purity of tissue paper at Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill is steaming and drying process at the temperature 105-120 oС on tissue machine (TM). High quality and safety of our goods are approved by relative certificates like UkrSEPRO, Safety and Health certificate by Ukraine government, European Safety and Health certificate by BfR – ISEGA.


Closed production cycle of finished paper products within the holding

KCPM has a closed production cycle, from raw material procurement to final production. The pulp for paper production is supplied by the enterprises which are part of the holding, the waste paper is supplied by its own procurement company. All supply chains are certified in accordance with FSC-STD-40004, which ensures that the raw material for production comes from responsible forests, controlled sources of recycled materials, or mixtures of the above raw materials.

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